Today, If The Power…

Here’s a handy readiness exercise.  Ask yourself:

Today, if the power was out to my home, what would I NOT be able to do?  Make a quick list.  Your list could look similar to this one:

  • I couldn’t cook because my stove is an electric range;
  • I’d need some lighting for the kids to do homework by tonight;
  • I won’t have the TV, but not only will we not be able to watch our normal shows, we won’t be able to watch the news to stay informed either;
  • I won’t be able to charge my cell phone in the house;
  • We won’t be able to use our computer; or maybe the laptop can be used but only until the battery runs down because we won’t be able to recharge it;
  • My kids don’t have keys to the house, as they typically come in through the garage door code (via an electric opener from the outside)  when they return from school.  Many/most are battery operated, but is yours?
  • I may not have any heat for the house;
  • and so on….

For each item on your list, come up with a plan or alternative source.  Some items on your list may not be that critical and you can decide now that that wouldn’t be an issue.

Additionally, you could add a column to your list that suggests the power outage could last greater than 48-72 hrs and another column for if the entire neighborhood is out of power.  How does that change your planning?  Maybe have full fuel tanks in your vehicles becomes important as well.    It’s good to look at these things ahead of time.

Keep the list along with your planning notes.  Shop for needed items now and refer to your plan when the time comes and rest.

Readiness is about being able to wait.

Warm regards,

Paul LaPointe
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