Tell Us Your Favorites

I’ve written recently about a couple of tools I use to do my planning and organizing (here, here, and also here.)  I’m very curious about what you do?   Whether it’s very simple or complex, I’d like to hear about them.  Are there particular steps or questions you use in preparing for either your day, your … Read more

Put Your Thoughts Together In A Mind Map

Being prepared is about getting organized and adding a little forethought. It’s good to have some help. Consider this. Whether you need to organize your thoughts, build a flow chart, get a picture of how issues interrelate, or simply keep track of your research findings, you probably could use a mind map. Mind maps are … Read more

Interested in keeping your day organized?

I have a great software option for you to consider if you make a to-do list or list things you want to accomplish.     To-do lists can be for your workday tasks or as simple as a grocery list. Some people make such as list on a daily basis while others only when they’re planning … Read more

Coupons Here

We’ve added a new page where you can find coupons for the products you use. So while you’re visit us here, take a moment to check out our new Savings Center. Type in your zip code to search for local deals as well. Simply setup to print and print the coupons from here.  Tons of … Read more

Are You O.K? Where Are You?

FEMA and NOAA are designating the week of March 3-9, 2013 as National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  So over the course of this week, we want to help you with your preparation for a new season of weather perils.   Again, the goal here is to get you thinking of the Spring season and how … Read more

Keep Track of Everything-What’s Your System?

We all use something to remind ourselves to do, regular, but not everyday tasks.  These regular tasks include paying bills, responding to official correspondence, etc.  The system we use may not even look like a system.  For example, saying “I just wait until the bill collector calls” is still a system.  Today, many have cellphones or … Read more

What Will You Accomplish?

Here’s an important thought to ruminate on as you consider what you’ll accomplish this year: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”   -Dr. Robert Schuller No really…go ahead and write down your answers.  It’s o.k. no one is looking but you.  You may have one idea or several ideas. Now … Read more

Renew yourself.

Fall is here and in some areas it is well advanced!  If you live in or near a region where tree leaves change color at this time of year, be sure to take advantage of the beauty.  You are, no doubt, going to be involved in cleaning the fallen leaves from your yard; raking, bagging, … Read more

Simple Readiness-Peace of Mind

My on-the-road peace of mind arrived today.  It’s a personal care kit, measuring only about 11″x 6.5″x 3″ and packed with over 40 support items, it serves as an on the road insurance package that will help someone survive while awaiting help. I grew up in the Northeast U.S.  During the winter months especially, we … Read more