Opportunities and Calamities

We feel that by setting goals and planning you train for opportunities and calamities. We want you to be prepared for whatever life brings you.     Warm regards, Paul LaPointe Free Report: Enjoy Greater Success

Food and Water

In preparing for having the available resources for my family in an emergency, I found the answer to one question became important in terms of the planned solution(s), i.e., in terms of how I provide for the basics of food, water, and shelter. The question is:  “Am I planning for a situation where I will … Read more

Carry a Weapon?

Just a quick share of a video that can help you safely respond if you are stopped by a police officer and you are licensed to carry a weapon and have it on you.   Warm regards, Paul LaPointe Free Report: Enjoy Greater Success

Able to Help or Looking for Help?

Still unsure if taking the time now to plan for some crisis is worth it for you?  Then let’s consider this from a different angle.  The question comes down to this one:  In a crisis, will you be the one “able to help” others or the situation, or will you be the one “looking for … Read more

Develop Your Plan And Protect Your Progress

You have developed your plan to success…Now protect it. Before anything else be able to identify your plan’s enemies. “Halt! Who goes there?”;  “Name, please.”;  “What is your purpose here?” These are words we hear from a guard in a movie.  When someone approaches the very thing the guard is charged with keeping secure, the … Read more

Today, If The Power…

Here’s a handy readiness exercise.  Ask yourself: Today, if the power was out to my home, what would I NOT be able to do?  Make a quick list.  Your list could look similar to this one: I couldn’t cook because my stove is an electric range; I’d need some lighting for the kids to do … Read more

Which Are You?

It seems to me that in most relationships, one person just acts at the moment based on the situation at hand.  In a sense this is the “get things done” individual.  The other person “builder” compensates by trying to prepare for “come what may” so when things come up (crises, social events, loss of income, … Read more

Nor’easter dry run

Looks like a storm is brewing for next Thursday/Friday (January 12/13) for the northeast US.  Right now it looks like rain and then snow showers and winds picking up as a low pressure system begins moving up the east coast on Wednesday overnight and moves into the northeast Thursday and Friday.  If you’re from that … Read more

Make It So

Ok.  It’s December; old, non-functioning seasonal decorations have been replaced, new ones have been added, and gifts have been purchased.  You may have already found yourself thinking “next year, I’m going to be putting a little money aside every week as a gift fund so we aren’t so strapped for cash next December.” Don’t beat … Read more