Precious Metals

There are plenty of advertisements these days about owning precious metals.  You may recall that here in the US, television ads first appeared offering you cash for gold.  People in the ads were selling their old jewelry and sending those items in for a cash return.  Next the ads began talking about buying and holding … Read more

Get Educated

“Persons, especially salaried people who schedule their spare time, to provide for home study, seldom remain at the bottom very long.  Their action opens the way for the upward climb, removes many obstacles from their path, and gains the friendly interest of those who have the power to put them in the way of opportunity.” … Read more

Encouraging Financial Health

You’ve been paying a little better than the minimum required towards your credit card balance, on a good month, and it just doesn’t seem to be doing any good.  How do you stay focused on your goal when it seems to take so long to achieve?  Ever have the feeling that either “nothing is happening” … Read more

Opportunities and Calamities

We feel that by setting goals and planning you train for opportunities and calamities. We want you to be prepared for whatever life brings you.     Warm regards, Paul LaPointe Free Report: Enjoy Greater Success

Make It So

Ok.  It’s December; old, non-functioning seasonal decorations have been replaced, new ones have been added, and gifts have been purchased.  You may have already found yourself thinking “next year, I’m going to be putting a little money aside every week as a gift fund so we aren’t so strapped for cash next December.” Don’t beat … Read more

Incentive Code

  Robert Kiyosaki and Glenn Beck discuss four types of people in this video.  Robert is describing his Cashflow Quadrant available at  Check it out and expand your way of looking at finances and financial intelligence.  The discussion is certainly apropos for our times and events in the media today.  It’s good to put … Read more