Affecting You Where You Live, Work, and Play

Thunderstorms over Louisiana on radar

(This was originally posted prior to National Severe Weather Preparedness Week in the Spring of 2013.  Its points are still valid so I’m reposting with updates.)   As many are still enduring the blizzards and snowfalls of recent weeks, we want to help you with your preparation for a new season of weather perils and … Read more

Are You O.K? Where Are You?

FEMA and NOAA are designating the week of March 3-9, 2013 as National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  So over the course of this week, we want to help you with your preparation for a new season of weather perils.   Again, the goal here is to get you thinking of the Spring season and how … Read more

Looking Slightly Ahead

Hurricane Season for the Atlantic begins June 1 and runs through November 30.  June 1st is  just over 1 month from today.  That means it’s time to refresh yourself with preparation needs if you live near the coast and it’s a good reminder to look at your readiness state for emergencies of all types even … Read more

Able to Help or Looking for Help?

Still unsure if taking the time now to plan for some crisis is worth it for you?  Then let’s consider this from a different angle.  The question comes down to this one:  In a crisis, will you be the one “able to help” others or the situation, or will you be the one “looking for … Read more

Today, If The Power…

Here’s a handy readiness exercise.  Ask yourself: Today, if the power was out to my home, what would I NOT be able to do?  Make a quick list.  Your list could look similar to this one: I couldn’t cook because my stove is an electric range; I’d need some lighting for the kids to do … Read more


We all use computers these days.  Whether it’s through gaming systems, like Xbox, smartphones, laptops, desktops, iPads, etc, we connect to the internet and conduct our lives.  We connect socially through growing social media avenues.  We go to school, conduct business, banking, and research.   The people of the National Cyber Security Alliance found at … Read more

Home Safety

Here’s a great electronic home safety checklist you can run from the Home Safety Council.  I’ve included as a link in the sidebar as well.  It allows you to select the type of home you have, age of occupants, etc to tailor the checklist so the results are more fitting for you.  Great job. Warm … Read more