Prep for hurricane season

It’s that time of year again.  For people living near the coasts of the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the eastern Pacific Ocean, it’s time to review your emergency/disaster kit….It’s hurricane season.  The season runs from June 1st through November 30th. I read on twitter from the Department of Homeland Security … Read more

Are You O.K? Where Are You?

FEMA and NOAA are designating the week of March 3-9, 2013 as National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  So over the course of this week, we want to help you with your preparation for a new season of weather perils.   Again, the goal here is to get you thinking of the Spring season and how … Read more

Renew yourself.

Fall is here and in some areas it is well advanced!  If you live in or near a region where tree leaves change color at this time of year, be sure to take advantage of the beauty.  You are, no doubt, going to be involved in cleaning the fallen leaves from your yard; raking, bagging, … Read more

Safe Travel

It’s Labor Day weekend!  So we want to wish you a safe and restful holiday weekend.  To that end, please plan a little bit before you travel to ensure you can meet some adverse situations if you were to encounter them.  Just a little planning before you depart can help make things more bearable. Check … Read more

Able to Help or Looking for Help?

Still unsure if taking the time now to plan for some crisis is worth it for you?  Then let’s consider this from a different angle.  The question comes down to this one:  In a crisis, will you be the one “able to help” others or the situation, or will you be the one “looking for … Read more

Today, If You Had to Evacuate…

There are many emergency supply checklists available over the internet and yes even via link through this site.  Those are very good and a great starting place.  However, they are general lists in the sense that they don’t reflect your specific needs.  That can only come from you. To tailor these lists or simply build … Read more

Travel Care

Take extra care if you find yourselves traveling this week for Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. and of course the retail event, Black Friday.  In addition to your normal packing for the trip, don’t forget to check the car out as well: Check fluid levels (oil, transmission, brake, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid; pretty … Read more


I don’t like shopping for cars.  I really don’t like paying for them.  When I have to buy one, my criteria are generally practical; dependability, good gas mileage, low monthly payments.  Anything outside of that for me gets into my emotions.  Now, I want much more than those things in a car.  I know this … Read more