About Before You Need


It seems to me that in most relationships, one person just acts at the moment based on the situation at hand.  In a sense this is the “get things done” individual.

The other person “builder” compensates by trying to prepare for “come what may” so when things come up (crises, social events, loss of income, etc) the “get things done” individual will have something to work with.

For those “get things done” individuals not in a relationship or those “builders” who just want assistance and perhaps support, we hope www.beforeyouneed.com can be your “builder.”

My spouse is a “get things done” individual.  I sometimes wonder if her philosophy is “don’t bore me with facts, I need to make this happen.”  It’s truly a way of thinking that is nearly incomprehensible to me, yet I’d love to have some of that bent of mind myself.

I’m much more of a builder.  I can “look ahead” and “see” what we might need in the future and then take action to make ready.  She is a great complement to me.

I am thrilled when we  encounter something (unexpected bill, big storm, etc) that causes her to say “ok, this has happened let’s address it” and I can show her the resources or plan we have to take care of it.  Those resources that I’d built up.

Are you a “get things done” person or a “builder?”  Let us help.

I like the story of Noah.  We can read about Noah and his building of the ark before the coming of the Flood in the Bible.  God tells Noah to build this great floating vessel to house and keep safe his family and the animals when the flood waters rise from the coming rains.

Reportedly, Noah sets out and does so.

Now wait a minute.  You want me to show my family, friends, and neighbors that I’m afraid of something that may not happen?  We drag our feet.

In fact I have.  I’ve boarded up my house before a hurricane and spent time in stores looking for water or batteries on shelves that didn’t have any left just before a storm.

I felt ridiculous the whole time and yet knew I needed to do it.  Remember the ridicule Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) experienced when “God” (Morgan Freeman) told him to build the ark in the movie Evan Almighty.  

I’m sure you’ve had your own uncomfortable moments.

Well, not all of your preparations are of such a grand scope…I hope.  Yet, there is nothing wrong with doing the preparation work.

The alternative is to live the, “nothing is probably going to happen anyway”; “it passed over us last time”; “we’re just going to ride it out for a while, and if it gets too bad…”, plan of hoping all will be well on the other side.

Or perhaps, it’s the “I’m stuck in a job I hate, but I can’t quit because I have a family to support. So I’m kind of stuck” thinking you have going on.

Noah had a plan and executed it before the storm was reported or even existed.  It was merely a forecast.  He didn’t care if the forecaster was going to “get it right this time.”

Unlike Noah, we’re not having to build something huge.  We’re in most cases having to take small preparatory steps.  So instead of doing nothing, set your goals and go for them.

Do things NOW,  while the hype is nonexistent (and no one knows why you’re doing it)  and relax and think clearly and prepared during the hype.

Before You Need was founded to recognize the need for and support your preparation efforts.  There is a lot to be said about having what you need before you need it.

It means you care enough to have the forethought to prepare yourself, particularly for opportunities, and yes of course for potential crises.

Me?  Well, I believe you can always be improving…and I like to be prepared. If I’m responsible for something, I take it very seriously. I’m not real fond of surprises; and I look for ways that technology can help me be ready and aware.   For example:

  • I’m the guy already through airport security and at my gate an hour-and-a-half ahead of time.  (I’m not the one holding you up in the security line.)
  • I’m the guy with a three-hole punch in his briefcase should my boss need it; moments before leaving the hotel room to deliver a speech after the business office is closed; and having assured me he wouldn’t need one. (And yes, he did need it by the way.)
  • I’m the guy who has an alert on his phone calendar that goes off when it’s time to change the house furnace filter (don’t judge!)

I’ve used these preparedness skills over the years either in executive support or resource protection roles as well in personal and family life.

What are you working towards? How are you preparing? Let me know what you need.

So welcome aboard and let’s share some ideas together!