Leaving the Comfort Zone

Planning and preparation are not meant to be the complete package.  If all you do is make plans and gather the necessary education, skills, and resources but don’t apply it towards achieving some goal, then what good is that.  Consider leaving your comfort zone.

Or put another way, you may be fooling yourself into believing you’re actively working towards your goal.  Well, maybe and maybe not.  Is there a quicker way?

I heard a phrase recently…it went like this, “authenticity and enthusiasm far outweigh preparation and perfection.”

If you have a cautious nature, in particular, you may not be comfortable trying something without understanding everything involved.  You may see too much risk in venturing forward without a complete understanding of consequences and scope.

I wouldn’t suggest throwing caution to the wind, but stepping out of your comfort zone is probably better than staying safe.  Steve Harvey says in this video “You Have to Jump.” Just take a leap and encounter things as they come up.  That’s becoming my mantra, JAICU (jay sue) “Just As It Comes Up.”

To me, it means you cannot wait until you have all the information or for everything to be in place, before you go for a goal.  Be true to yourself.  Is it something you want?  Do you know you want it?  Are you interested in it for yourself or because you feel you “ought” to want it.  Or are people expecting you to want it.

Be authentic.  Be genuine, go for it for the right reasons.  Give yourself a break and believe in yourself.  You know you can handle things, so agree to move forward and deal with matters as they present themselves.

It’s very often the case that you don’t know what you don’t know.  By taking action and moving forward you will encounter the unknown quicker and be able to deal with it then.  If you only anticipate and try to prepare for every eventuality you will waste precious time on preparing for something that you may never encounter.

Once you know that it is what you want.  Then celebrate!  Be enthusiastic about going for it.  Don’t hide your intentions under a rock so to speak.  Be open and excited about achieving what you want. Let people know about it.  People enjoy helping others.

Yes, you may still do planning and preparation.  But don’t wait for all the pieces to be in place.  When you’re true to yourself and show enthusiasm, you will draw the helps you need to go where you want to go.

Be bold,