Knowing of A Potential Danger–Why Wouldn’t You Act?

FEMA and NOAA are designating the week of March 3-9, 2013 as National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  So over the course of this week, we want to help you with your preparation for a new season of weather perils.   Again, the goal here is to get you thinking of the Spring season and how you may be affected.   This is the third post in our series.

Last time, we talked about the meaning of weather Watches and Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.  As you know, these notifications are distributed over a wide range of media (TV, Radio, Internet, word of mouth, etc.)  Nowadays, it’s not that the message advising us of dangerous weather conditions isn’t being sent out or getting out, but rather the inclination of the hearer to take action.  Agreed, there’s is only so much action one can take, but that is different than not taking responsibility to make necessary preparations before anything has actually occurred.

Despite all the notification means, it is still possible that one doesn’t realize an actual Watch or Warning has been issued.  You have probably encountered a time when yourself or someone else said, “Oh, we’re in a tornado warning…I hadn’t heard, but I thought something was up because the sky looks awful!”  So even if we don’t learn of the notifications first-hand, we must pay attention to changing weather conditions and inquire about any Watches or Warnings.

Lastly for today, it is sometimes easy to take the notifications less than serious.   People, friends, colleagues, may be downplaying the likelihood of any trouble actually occurring.  Or you’ll hear, “they (forecasters) never get it right.”   Don’t let this attitude keep you from taking the proper precautions.  The real issue about being warned of potential trouble is not to wait and see if “they’re right this time.”  The issue is about knowing of a potential danger in the first place so you may take appropriate action to:

  • Remove yourself from the situation
  • Take actions to protect your life or the lives of others who may be affected
  • Take actions to protect property

To not do so enhances the risk of enduring some catastrophe.


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