Interested in keeping your day organized?

I have a great software option for you to consider if you make a to-do list or list things you want to accomplish.     To-do lists can be for your workday tasks or as simple as a grocery list. Some people make such as list on a daily basis while others only when they’re planning to do something (like a shopping trip, or camping trip) where they’re going to want to be sure to remember things to buy or pack.

I’ve heard others say they make a list, but then the day starts and what they planned to do is shot to heck.  So they don’t make any more lists.  I’m not sure how they can be in control of their time otherwise.  I like the idea of staying on course as much as possible.

The to-do list exists to ensure you do what you assigned as most important for that day.  Although other events or urgent matters arise throughout the day and you must attend to them, the to-do list is there to beckon you back to the important matters of the day.

Interested in keeping your day better organized?  I’d recommend a web-based software tool called Todoist.  It is available at  There is a free version which has good capabilities or as a means of trying it out before you upgrade.  The premium version with all the bells and whistles only costs $29/yr right now.  So it isn’t a big investment for the return on efficiency you get.  I use the premium version.

Better Organized: 

In Todoist, projects can be anything you decide, e.g. Lose 30 lbs by next January; Land the Thompson Account.  Create a project (which can have sub-projects) and then list tasks associated the project.  What makes this software more unique is the tasks can be nested just like the projects.  So,  one project may be broken into sub-projects and so can the tasks associated with it, for example:

  • Home projects
    • Build deck project
      • Task:  Mark off site location
      • Task:  Buy wood and other materials
      • Task: Schedule date when Bob and Harry will be available
        • Sub-task:  Check Bob and Harry schedules’
  • Personal Improvement projects
    • Project Goal #1
    • Project Goal #2 etc
  • Land Thompson Account project
    • Etc.

The nesting of both projects and tasks allows you to plan more clearly and keep you organized.  Define your project, delineate the tasks, schedule them and get it done.

Increase efficiency:  On the efficiency side of managing my day, this Todoist has me smiling.  You can forward an email to a project and Todoist creates a task in the project for you.  Now you can assign it to a specific time and date or perhaps mark it as delegated (Labels function makes this tool very flexible.) The tasks can be automatically added to your calendar as well.

I am particularly pleased that I can assign a website page that I’m viewing as a task.  I can’t tell you how often I have been doing one thing online and an article caught my eye.  With Todoist, I can add that webpage as a task and not spend the time right now to read it.  This cuts down on time robbing distractions immensely.  I have used reading lists in the past, but then I forget that there are things on my list to read.  Being able to make the website a task is great.  You’ll love it too!  Once you come upon the date and time allotted to reviewing the webpage, the URL is in the task and you’ll be brought to the desired page.

Integration and availability:  Check out and see how to make this software work with your devices.  Again it is web-based.  I use it on my smartphone, iPad, and desktop and it is always synced.  I like how I can do my planning and the tasks are visible on all my platforms and in my calendar program.

Enjoy being better organized!

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