Which Are You?

It seems to me that in most relationships, one person just acts at the moment based on the situation at hand.  In a sense this is the “get things done” individual.  The other person “builder” compensates by trying to prepare for “come what may” so when things come up (crises, social events, loss of income, etc) the “get things done” individual will have something to work with.   For those “get things done” individuals not in a relationship or those “builders” who just want assistance and perhaps support, we hope www.beforeyouneed.com can be your “builder.”

My spouse is a “get things done” individual.  I sometimes wonder if her philosophy is “don’t bore me with facts, I need to make this happen.”  It’s truly a way of thinking that is nearly incomprehensible to me, yet I’d love to have some of that bent of mind myself.  I’m much more of a builder.  I can “look ahead” and “see” what we might need in the future and then take action to make ready.  She is a great complement to me.  I am thrilled when we  encounter something (unexpected bill, big storm, etc) that causes her to say “ok, this has happened let’s address it” and I can show her the resources or plan we have to take care of it.  Those resources that I’d built up.

Are you a “get things done” person or a “builder?”  Let us help.