Get Perspective from this eBook

Let’s face it, it’s quite easy for our situations in life to have us “stuck in the weeds” so deep that we can’t see our own way out.   We can’t seem to plan or prepare ourselves adequately because we don’t know what is ahead or feel overwhelmed.  Times like these require a view from a mountain top, so we can find ourselves and design a path out.

If you find you need ideas sometimes…If you need to set some goals in your planning sessions…if you are interested in perhaps developing a different insight as you prepare yourself for new opportunities,  I recommend an eBook for you to read and add to your resource list.  It is the kind of book that feels like you have a mentor as your guide.  And as of this writing, it is a Free Kindle eBook.  I’ve included a link to it at the bottom of this post.

In her book, Your Survival Guide–14 Ways to Stay Afloat in This Economy, Sally Huss provides ideas and thoughts that the reader can relate to in their own lives…money problems, family struggles, housing difficulties and more.  As I read it I felt as though I was a visitor…seeing my life as an outside observer…the book offered wonderful perspective.

You will find this book to be a source of validation of your own thoughts when your life is going fine and a source of much needed comfort and perspective when you are in the thick of things and need perspective.

Read it now and then come back to it often–each time you come to it, I believe you will find a new nugget that will relate to the situation you’re in at that time. Your mind will relax and new ideas will spring from those presented. You’ll begin to feel hopeful again.

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon.  It was Free as of this writing.  Enjoy!