Feedback Hurts Sometimes

We’ve all probably heard the saying “no pain, no gain.”  We typically associate it with some fitness regime.  Whereas that may not be the smartest approach to a fitness plan, it can be useful nonetheless.  In other words, I wouldn’t suggest that achieving “pain” be the goal of any routine.  However, it often hurts when we stretch ourselves…when we do things outside our comfort zone…when we strive to reach new goals/dreams.

The “pain” is feedback.  If we run into resistance and don’t reach a new personal weight lift goal; or just couldn’t step out and do that new activity this time that we know is important for us;  or we missed our goal,  these instances are feedback and it can hurt when we fail.  But failure is only feedback.

So do.  And if you fail, learn. Then do again…you will grow in the process.