Develop Your Plan And Protect Your Progress

You have developed your plan to success…Now protect it.

Before anything else be able to identify your plan’s enemies.

“Halt! Who goes there?”;  “Name, please.”;  “What is your purpose here?”

These are words we hear from a guard in a movie.  When someone approaches the very thing the guard is charged with keeping secure, the guard wants to identify the threat.  If the responses to the questions don’t mesh with the guard’s mission, the guard needs to block, eliminate, or otherwise stop the “intruder”.

Instead of a guard whose mission is to keep someone locked up, I like to think of this scenario as one where the guard is protecting something that is good from those that would otherwise cause harm.

In this sense, the guard acts as a filter.  The guard lets those people through who are sympathetic or congruent with the things, ideas, people, etc that are being protected.  The guard also filters out, doesn’t let through, those things, ideas, people, etc that mean to harm that which is being protected.

Now let’s think of this in terms of what you want to accomplish.  For example, your goals and dreams.  And let’s assign a guard.

The guard’s mission is to protect your path towards accomplishing your goals and dreams.  The guard’s task then is to filter out anything that comes up in your life that would disrupt or dissuade you from your path, as well as, allow through any assistance (resources, mentors, education/business opportunities, etc) that would support, enhance, or otherwise encourage and keep you on your path.

To accomplish this appropriately, you’ll need, of course, to identify what your goals and dreams are.  Once you have those identified, you can build a plan that includes specific milestones or markers along the way that will let you know you’re on the right track.  Additionally, you can provide yourself with some accountability by finding a mentor or reading and following experts and others who have successfully traveled down a similar road.

Your plan with specific milestones and your accountability source comprise your “guard.”  This guard can quickly show you if what you spend time on, whom you spend time with, and how you manage your resources are inline with your accomplishment of your identified goals and dreams.  Your plan and accountability partner together filter out the detractors and filter in the assistance.

Your plan by way of protecting your path asks of those people or events you encounter daily,

“Halt!  Who goes there? What is your purpose here?”

Identify your goals and dreams.  In fact, many people have goals and dreams.  They’re missing a plan, a guard.  Develop your plan and assign your guard the mission of protecting your path.