Making Your Plan Involves a Bit of Déjà Vu

Be Ready: Practice makes perfect

If you practice ahead of time with most anything, you will perform better.

In playing video games, one gets many do-overs in the process of capturing the sacred sword or whatever the goal for the game level is.

In life, while we may not have the same type of do-overs, we can practice and be better prepared for each opportunity.

“Where Do We Go?”

Many years ago I was hired as an assistant to an executive whose organization had many operations units around the globe.  At the time I was in my early twenties and just out of college. The executive visited each one of his units at least once every two years. I was in charge of trip planning, as well as, accompanying him.

The flight itinerary for our first trip together had us landing at a large airport; one I’d never visited before. We left our seats on the airplane and entered the airport terminal.  My boss, this middle aged executive, turned to me and asked “where do we go now?”

We were still at the gate.  I remember thinking, “I’ve never been here before…how do I know! You’ve been here; why don’t you know?” Later, I understood what he meant by the question, “where do we go now?”

He was teaching me my job.  He was wondering if I had practiced each segment of the trip as I planned it.


Déjà vu, in French, literally means “already seen.”  It refers to a sensation or feeling that the situation you are currently experiencing,  already happened for you in the past, whether it actually occurred or not.

In some sense, planning and making preparations now for some later, actual or possible, event or situation is the process of déjà vu.  In this way, when or should the event occur, you have “already seen” it in your planning and preparation sessions.

My job was to be prepared, to know what the next step was to be. And that it was my responsibility as the planner of his travel arrangements to know his itinerary cold and get him to his next event, engagement, meeting and etc on time. I needed to be ready; to be prepared.

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “success is when preparation meets opportunity.” Eventually, I was a pretty good executive assistant.

I’d learned to look ahead, anticipate, and plan to the point that, when we actually took the trip, it would feel as if I’d already been there. I learned that preparedness was really a rehearsal in the mind and on paper.

Déjà Vu

So why do we do this thing called, “preparedness?” To have success when the opportunity presents because we’ve already been there in our plans.

We’ve taken a more in depth look at this in 2 Processes You Can Use To Increase Your Opportunities. You will find many other articles and ideas throughout this site.

We can learn a great deal from each others’ experiences and take advantage of others’ lessons of having been there already.

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