Leaving the Comfort Zone

leaving the comfort zone

Planning and preparation are not meant to be the complete package.  If all you do is make plans and gather the necessary education, skills, and resources but don’t apply it towards achieving some goal, then what good is that.  Consider leaving your comfort zone. Or put another way, you may be fooling yourself into believing … Read more

Jumping the Rut of the Routine

Routine. Routines provide order to our lives.  They’re steps we follow regularly like how and when you get up and go to work.  Like, where and when you take your coffee.  Routines are comfortable precisely for the order they bring.  But, routines can also turn into ruts. A rut is a routine that has become … Read more

Overcoming the Frustration with Finding Your Passion

aargh or frustration

What do you like to do?  Another way of asking is, What are you passionate about? Have you ever become frustrated with finding your passion? This question has plagued me my whole life. If you want to work for yourself, be an entrepreneur, etc you are advised to find the thing that you are most passionate … Read more

Resolve to Keep Your Resolution by Asking, Why?

Keep asking why

I like change. Sometimes change for change sake, because it refreshes and energizes. Sometimes change to achieve some more pointed result or goal. January and the New Year bring us to questions about the kind of changes we’d like to make to better our lives, health, relationships, and etc.  We make resolutions.  When we resolve … Read more

A Preparedness Pie Party!

Here’s a great idea for creating a foundation of preparedness in your own neighborhood.  Surely people  who have experienced extended blackouts or loss of services during major storms or disasters have also experienced the support of people in their communities.  Often times, it is our neighbors who are the first responders after such events.  Spontaneous get togethers occur to share meals of food that otherwise would have spoiled and a true sense of community permeates the time.  We have experienced this ourselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabelle some years ago.

A community in the Boston area following Hurricane Sandy, a blizzard, and the Boston Marathon bombing in a year found neighbors willing to discuss preparedness.  They have created the “Preparedness Pie Party” and a kit you may use to organize your own community in preparedness for each other.  Whether you organize a few neighbors, an entire street, your subdivision or entire community, check out the story and all the prepared announcements and flyers and scripts they have for you in the toolkit.  Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to organize your Preparedness Pie Party.

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Feedback Hurts Sometimes

We’ve all probably heard the saying “no pain, no gain.”  We typically associate it with some fitness regime.  Whereas that may not be the smartest approach to a fitness plan, it can be useful nonetheless.  In other words, I wouldn’t suggest that achieving “pain” be the goal of any routine.  However, it often hurts when … Read more

Prepare Unspectacularly

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” -Robert H Schuller   Being prepared or getting ready to achieve something is really the unsung hero.  It seems we all want the result that preparation brings, but preparation is work…necessary work that we may not want to do. I don’t know of much that occurs without … Read more

Leadership Inspiration

We aren’t alone in this world.  We live with, work with, and otherwise associate with other people all the time.  Whether you are a friend, parent, manager, or CEO, you’ve had to learn how to effectively be with others, help others, lead others, etc.   I’d like to point you to a resource on character … Read more