Get Perspective from this eBook

Let’s face it, it’s quite easy for our situations in life to have us “stuck in the weeds” so deep that we can’t see our own way out.   We can’t seem to plan or prepare ourselves adequately because we don’t know what is ahead or feel overwhelmed.  Times like these require a view from a … Read more

Resolve to Keep Your Resolution by Asking, Why?

Keep asking why

I like change. Sometimes change for change sake, because it refreshes and energizes. Sometimes change to achieve some more pointed result or goal. January and the New Year bring us to questions about the kind of changes we’d like to make to better our lives, health, relationships, and etc.  We make resolutions.  When we resolve … Read more

A Preparedness Pie Party!

Here’s a great idea for creating a foundation of preparedness in your own neighborhood.  Surely people  who have experienced extended blackouts or loss of services during major storms or disasters have also experienced the support of people in their communities.  Often times, it is our neighbors who are the first responders after such events.  Spontaneous get togethers occur to share meals of food that otherwise would have spoiled and a true sense of community permeates the time.  We have experienced this ourselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabelle some years ago.

A community in the Boston area following Hurricane Sandy, a blizzard, and the Boston Marathon bombing in a year found neighbors willing to discuss preparedness.  They have created the “Preparedness Pie Party” and a kit you may use to organize your own community in preparedness for each other.  Whether you organize a few neighbors, an entire street, your subdivision or entire community, check out the story and all the prepared announcements and flyers and scripts they have for you in the toolkit.  Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to organize your Preparedness Pie Party.

Be OK with the Unfamiliar

Ever feel like you go through your day or days on autopilot?  Sometimes you don’t remember the commute home from work.  Ever felt like you are in a rut?  Have people presented you with other things to do or even places to go but you don’t go because those things are unfamiliar to you? As  … Read more

Have Answers in These 5 Key Areas for Your Emergency Plan

60% of Americans believe preparing for disasters is important and only 17% claim to be very prepared*.   From experience, you know this to be true…when a storm approaches the grocery and hardware stores are filled with people—each trying to find the same items. Storms bring high winds, rain, and thunderstorms which can cause power outages, … Read more

Feedback Hurts Sometimes

We’ve all probably heard the saying “no pain, no gain.”  We typically associate it with some fitness regime.  Whereas that may not be the smartest approach to a fitness plan, it can be useful nonetheless.  In other words, I wouldn’t suggest that achieving “pain” be the goal of any routine.  However, it often hurts when … Read more

Prep for hurricane season

It’s that time of year again.  For people living near the coasts of the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the eastern Pacific Ocean, it’s time to review your emergency/disaster kit….It’s hurricane season.  The season runs from June 1st through November 30th. I read on twitter from the Department of Homeland Security … Read more

Tell Us Your Favorites

I’ve written recently about a couple of tools I use to do my planning and organizing (here, here, and also here.)  I’m very curious about what you do?   Whether it’s very simple or complex, I’d like to hear about them.  Are there particular steps or questions you use in preparing for either your day, your … Read more

Put Your Thoughts Together In A Mind Map

Being prepared is about getting organized and adding a little forethought. It’s good to have some help. Consider this. Whether you need to organize your thoughts, build a flow chart, get a picture of how issues interrelate, or simply keep track of your research findings, you probably could use a mind map. Mind maps are … Read more

Interested in keeping your day organized?

I have a great software option for you to consider if you make a to-do list or list things you want to accomplish.     To-do lists can be for your workday tasks or as simple as a grocery list. Some people make such as list on a daily basis while others only when they’re planning … Read more