Your Expectations Depend on Where You Look

Expectations… My kid’s call me “a warner.” Though I didn’t know this until relatively recently. The truth is, I have a tendency to look for all possible pitfalls, potholes, or troubles that might present problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a goal I’m pursuing or something my kid’s are considering…I identify the problems. I am … Read more

5 Roadblocks to Your Teachability

Your success or lack of success stems from your teachability. So how teachable are you? You understand that in order to improve yourself you must continue to learn. If you don’t, especially today, you will quickly fall behind those who are willing to learn and keep up or develop new skills. Teachability according to Merriam-Webster … Read more

Free Time — Should It Be Free?

Growth is a process and can be subject to how effectively you use your free time.  A common theme with people finding excuses for not doing something to better themselves is the “Ya but…” default response.  You know “I’d like to learn another language, but work is busy right now, by time I get home … Read more

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Planning and preparation are not meant to be the complete package.  If all you do is make plans and gather the necessary education, skills, and resources but don’t apply it towards achieving some goal, then what good is that.  Consider leaving your comfort zone. Or put another way, you may be fooling yourself into believing … Read more

Jumping the Rut of the Routine

Routine. Routines provide order to our lives.  They’re steps we follow regularly like how and when you get up and go to work.  Like, where and when you take your coffee.  Routines are comfortable precisely for the order they bring.  But, routines can also turn into ruts. A rut is a routine that has become … Read more

Overcoming the Frustration with Finding Your Passion

What do you like to do?  Another way of asking is, What are you passionate about? Have you ever become frustrated with finding your passion? This question has plagued me my whole life. If you want to work for yourself, be an entrepreneur, etc you are advised to find the thing that you are most passionate … Read more

Beat The Bully Out Of You

Acceptance.  We all want it. We want to belong to some group.  It happens naturally.  You go about your business encountering people along the way.  Some, you are drawn to, others are drawn to you. Lately, there is a lot of talk of bullying today. Social media has made a problem with bullies picking on … Read more

Affecting You Where You Live, Work, and Play

(This was originally posted prior to National Severe Weather Preparedness Week in the Spring of 2013.  Its points are still valid so I’m reposting with updates.)   As many are still enduring the blizzards and snowfalls of recent weeks, we want to help you with your preparation for a new season of weather perils and … Read more