Able to Wait – The Benefit of Being Prepared

I loved this picture I found for the post the other day.  I’d gone searching first for a pic under a keyword “readiness” and got nothing exciting.

I then tried “prepare” and “preparedness” and met with equally disappointing results.  I tried “hurry”, yup, nothing.  Finally, I searched for “wait” and happened upon this spider in its web.

There’s a spider that has claimed residence above and between a bush at the corner of my house and the corner of my house.  The bush hides our trash can from street view.   The web it has spun is oval and about 15-18 inches in diameter…it’s been busy.

Let’s just say we have a tendency to make an extra wide trip around the bush to get to the trash can if you know what I mean.  When not working on it, the spider sits and waits as in this picture.

Prepared, Ready and Waiting

Having prepared for his opportunities (the plethora of flying things visiting that corner of the house near a trash can), the spider waits.

Readiness or preparedness is about being able to wait.