5 Roadblocks to Your Teachability

Your success or lack of success stems from your teachability. So how teachable are you?

You understand that in order to improve yourself you must continue to learn. If you don’t, especially today, you will quickly fall behind those who are willing to learn and keep up or develop new skills.

Teachability according to Merriam-Webster dictionary means the ability to learn by instruction. This begs the question what, besides physical or mental learning disabilities, impedes your ability to learn by instruction?

Let’s consider some possible roadblocks. If you find yourself saying, “yes, I do that”, then you might have roadblocks in your teachability.

1. Little or no desire to learn. This seems obvious, but it’s important you consider your desire to learn. If you’re reading this, you are showing that you are open to new ideas and have some desire to learn. Clearly, if you are not looking to learn anything new, you won’t grow personally or professionally. You’ll only have your existing skill set. What are you willing to learn about? In which areas have you stopped learning? Why?

2. Inability to listen. Being teachable means you will receive instruction. So you need to be able to listen to the instructions in order to carry them out. But this is more than about instruction. The ability to listen requires your being open to learn from someone else.

Have you ever tried to help someone with their problem and found they were nodding in agreement but didn’t act on your help? Couldn’t you just see that they were politely hearing you, but not listening? There is a difference.

Are you guilty of this at times? Active listening requires full engagement with an open interest in learning. This applies whether you’re meeting someone for the first time and finding about who they are or taking a training course. If you aren’t willing to listen, you will be unable to act correctly to the instructions.

3. Don’t accept improvement suggestions. You’re leaning after all. You will make mistakes. So you need to be able to accept suggestions for improvement. To a large degree this relates to your ability to listen described above. When you receive suggestions for improvement, are you simply nodding politely and only hearing, not listening?

4. Impatience with the process. When learning something new it is very easy to become frustrated. Learning takes time. It takes effort to do the tasks and learn from any mistakes you make in practice. You need to allow yourself time to learn. Don’t rush. Have patience with the learning process. And it is a process not simply a task, so go through the process.

5. Pride. If you think you are better than others; if you are unwilling to admit you have something you don’t know and therefore have something to learn; if you feel you know better, your pride is getting in your way.

Your teachability or being teachable is mostly about humility.

Merriam-Webster defines humility this way…”freedom from pride or arrogance.” You can see that each roadblock mentioned above can be based in pride or arrogance. When you are humble, you are more open to possibilities and opportunities to learn.

If you’re prideful or arrogant, you essentially close yourself off from these same opportunities. It’s as if your pride has put blinders on you and you can’t “see” but one thing…your own way of doing things.

So many times people spend money on courses to learn how to make additional income. Courses like real estate investing, investing or trading in the stock market, how to become a copywriter, and so on. When they finish the course they don’t see the results they’d hoped.

A common response is to blame the course they paid for and seek a refund because “it didn’t work.” Now, this may be true sometimes. But it’s more likely the roadblocks mentioned here may have at least contributed to the lack of success.

While you seek to reach your own goals and improve yourself personally or professionally, watch carefully for these roadblocks. When you recognize one, detour around it.

To your success…