There’s Just Too Much To Learn!

Many times we don’t start out on new directions, like taking courses that may help us improve our income or begin a new career, because of the additional time toll it puts on our schedules.  While our dream may be to advance, the time element scares us or otherwise is an obstacle to our dream more

Looking for Something?

Next time you’re looking for some software tool to perform everyday tasks, check out this site  instead of typing in a search window. has links to software tools that are available for download and they’re free.  The site provides reviews to include ease of use and systems compatibility.  So whether you want to watch more

Personal Appointment

I was talking with my mom last night.  She’s retired and had a chance to get away from her current residence and routine.  She drove a couple hours up north and returned to her previous home and spent time with all her friends for a few days.  As she described it, she had a very more