Overcoming the Frustration with Finding Your Passion

aargh or frustration

What do you like to do?  Another way of asking is, What are you passionate about? Have you ever become frustrated with finding your passion?

This question has plagued me my whole life. If you want to work for yourself, be an entrepreneur, etc you are advised to find the thing that you are most passionate about.  What if you never find it?  What do you do then?

You have gone through life stages…elementary school, high school, maybe college and enter the work force.  Presumably, who’ve followed the path that most interested you.

What happens if you find all of that was ok, but not truly about your passion?  What if it was simply taking the steps that was expected of you as you grow into adulthood?  How do you proceed when you finally realize, you don’t have or haven’t figured out what your passion is?

I’ve gone through several self-help processes aimed to help.  I’ve claimed the best answers I had a the time.  But none of it provides motivation for daily action.

You can’t have passion if you enter the workforce to simply earn money.  Earning money is not enough.  Attaching your dream to some material asset doesn’t feel right either.  You pursue the dream, but real life happens.  Responsibilities may take you in another direction for a little while at first, then it becomes difficult to come back to the dream.

In my attempts to find my passion, I have mostly found what I don’t want to do.  I know what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at.  I know which I’m good at and easy to do and which take enormous effort to be good.

I’m still searching.  The best answer I’ve come up with is I have a passion for learning.  I simply like learning.  Not about everything, but about what I need in a pragmatic sense.  For example, when I have some task I need to accomplish, I enjoy figuring out how to do it.  I may not like doing the task, but figuring it out is what I’m interested in.  In fact, once I have learned enough about it, I’m much more likely to lose interest in the task altogether.

Am I alone in this?  Do you have similar experiences?

Here’s an article I found with fresh ideas on the topic of passion…6 Fresh Ways to Find Your Passion. I like how the author describes getting your thoughts out of your way and the reality of the mental battle you may be up against.  I’m going to continue to work through this.  How about you?

Beat The Bully Out Of You

bully punching self-acceptance

Acceptance.  We all want it. We want to belong to some group.  It happens naturally.  You go about your business encountering people along the way.  Some, you are drawn to, others are drawn to you.

Lately, there is a lot of talk of bullying today. Social media has made a problem with bullies picking on someone while at school or work, into one with exposure well beyond the school yard.  While this article isn’t about bullying others, it asks the question, “are you bullying yourself?”

“Bully myself?  How would I be doing that?”

Back in school days, you may have had to give up your lunch money to avoid a conflict with a bully.  You may have tried desperately to avoid the bully seeing you…like the geeks on The Big Bang Theory relate about their school days.  So you didn’t go where the bully would be…even though that’s precisely where you wanted to be.

Have you held yourself back from meeting others?  Have you wanted to ask a question of the speaker at the convention, but didn’t feel you were ready or qualified?  Has your belief in yourself kept you from experiences or opportunities?  You may be bullying yourself.

Acceptance begins with ourselves.  You, me…we all have imperfections.  You know what yours are.  These are the things you want to keep hidden.  They can be physical, emotional, social.  The things that keep you from putting yourself in an environment that might force them to come to light.

We take great care not to reveal those to others.  How much has this caused you to miss in life?

Embrace your imperfections…accept them as part of you.

Don’t be afraid to look at yourself honestly.  Shed some light on both your positive AND negative personality traits or body issues or other concerns you may have.

Some people have been down on themselves for too long.  They often have difficulty accepting praise or compliments.  That’s not the type of focus you want.

You need to be your own best friend for this introspection.  You are working on gaining some self-acceptance.  Go somewhere you won’t be disturbed.  Get your favorite Coffee or tea and relax.  Now, make an honest list of positives and negatives.  This is a brainstorm.  Don’t think too hard about what comes to mind, simply write it down.  Don’t worry about spelling, neatness, ordering, or any such thing.  If it comes to mind, write it down.  Do this for at least 20 minutes.  Don’t rush through or finish too early on yourself.

I don’t know what your list will look like. You may have judged yourself too harshly in this process or perhaps you puffed yourself up.  For now it doesn’t matter.  This is the you YOU see.  Now examine your list.

For today, simply reflect on these.  If you journal, write any thoughts you have about them.  Maybe you’ll have some revelations.  Maybe you’ll only confirm what you thought all along.  At the very least, accept them as who you are today.

These are the things that make you YOU. That make you different than others in your group. Celebrate your differences.

Realize the value the complete you offers.  Think on the ways your uniqueness can contribute to your group.  Also, what can you learn from others’ unique contributions? In the process you’ll create a renewed confidence and a freedom to be yourself.

Stop missing out on life…be who you are, wherever you are.

To your growth,



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Your actions can say a lot

Celebrating, Panicked, or Aimlessly Darting About.

Do You Recognize Yourself?

I had a squirrel acting crazy in my backyard.  He was darting around the yard, but then would jump about six to ten inches off the ground and in the process do flip.  The squirrel entertained me over breakfast for very nearly 10 minutes.  It was fun to watch so after the first couple of minutes I decided to capture it on video.  The quality wasn’t great but if you want to see the squirrel here it is.

I immediately thought it would be nice to share on this website as an example of a celebration for completed work.  That is, the squirrel had gathered everything it needed and was now celebrating or relaxing.  I like this idea because it supports the idea of being prepared for situations and that you should celebrate your preparedness.

After all you’ve worked to plan and gather either the skills or material you need to achieve your goals.   When  situations or opportunities arise, you want to capitalize on them.

Then I was hit by the dark side.  The squirrel’s motions could also mimic someone’s actions when a situation or opportunity comes up for which one isn’t prepared.  At this  point, activities become frantic and one begins darting here and there to pull things together at the last minute.

Another analogy could also be employed here.  The squirrel’s actions could simply mean it has no plan.  The squirrel is then simply going from one task to the next with no ultimate goal in mind.  Its attention drawn to whatever seems most urgent at the moment.

I’m sure there are other comparisons that can be drawn.  The activities look similar.

Let’s work to make the interpretation be about enjoying a prepared life.  Plan and prepare today and increase your opportunities and resiliency to life’s situations.

If you could use some ideas for being better prepared, check out Enjoy Greater Success.

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Keep asking why

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A Preparedness Pie Party!

Here’s a great idea for creating a foundation of preparedness in your own neighborhood.  Surely people  who have experienced extended blackouts or loss of services during major storms or disasters have also experienced the support of people in their communities.  Often times, it is our neighbors who are the first responders after such events.  Spontaneous get togethers occur to share meals of food that otherwise would have spoiled and a true sense of community permeates the time.  We have experienced this ourselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabelle some years ago.

A community in the Boston area following Hurricane Sandy, a blizzard, and the Boston Marathon bombing in a year found neighbors willing to discuss preparedness.  They have created the “Preparedness Pie Party” and a kit you may use to organize your own community in preparedness for each other.  Whether you organize a few neighbors, an entire street, your subdivision or entire community, check out the story and all the prepared announcements and flyers and scripts they have for you in the toolkit.  Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to organize your Preparedness Pie Party.

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