Your actions can say a lot

Celebrating, Panicked, or Aimlessly Darting About.

Do You Recognize Yourself?

I had a squirrel acting crazy in my backyard.  He was darting around the yard, but then would jump about six to ten inches off the ground and in the process do flip.  The squirrel entertained me over breakfast for very nearly 10 minutes.  It was fun to watch so after the first couple of minutes I decided to capture it on video.  The quality wasn’t great but if you want to see the squirrel here it is.

I immediately thought it would be nice to share on this website as an example of a celebration for completed work.  That is, the squirrel had gathered everything it needed and was now celebrating or relaxing.  I like this idea because it supports the idea of being prepared for situations and that you should celebrate your preparedness.

After all you’ve worked to plan and gather either the skills or material you need to achieve your goals.   When  situations or opportunities arise, you want to capitalize on them.

Then I was hit by the dark side.  The squirrel’s motions could also mimic someone’s actions when a situation or opportunity comes up for which one isn’t prepared.  At this  point, activities become frantic and one begins darting here and there to pull things together at the last minute.

Another analogy could also be employed here.  The squirrel’s actions could simply mean it has no plan.  The squirrel is then simply going from one task to the next with no ultimate goal in mind.  Its attention drawn to whatever seems most urgent at the moment.

I’m sure there are other comparisons that can be drawn.  The activities look similar.

Let’s work to make the interpretation be about enjoying a prepared life.  Plan and prepare today and increase your opportunities and resiliency to life’s situations.

If you could use some ideas for being better prepared, check out 2 Processes, Used Together, Can Increase Your Opportunities.

A Preparedness Pie Party!

Here’s a great idea for creating a foundation of preparedness in your own neighborhood.  Surely people  who have experienced extended blackouts or loss of services during major storms or disasters have also experienced the support of people in their communities.  Often times, it is our neighbors who are the first responders after such events.  Spontaneous get togethers occur to share meals of food that otherwise would have spoiled and a true sense of community permeates the time.  We have experienced this ourselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabelle some years ago.

A community in the Boston area following Hurricane Sandy, a blizzard, and the Boston Marathon bombing in a year found neighbors willing to discuss preparedness.  They have created the “Preparedness Pie Party” and a kit you may use to organize your own community in preparedness for each other.  Whether you organize a few neighbors, an entire street, your subdivision or entire community, check out the story and all the prepared announcements and flyers and scripts they have for you in the toolkit.  Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to organize your Preparedness Pie Party.

Feedback Hurts Sometimes

We’ve all probably heard the saying “no pain, no gain.”  We typically associate it with some fitness regime.  Whereas that may not be the smartest approach to a fitness plan, it can be useful nonetheless.  In other words, I wouldn’t suggest that achieving “pain” be the goal of any routine.  However, it often hurts when … Read more

Prep for hurricane season

It’s that time of year again.  For people living near the coasts of the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the eastern Pacific Ocean, it’s time to review your emergency/disaster kit….It’s hurricane season.  The season runs from June 1st through November 30th. I read on twitter from the Department of Homeland Security … Read more

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